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October 2012
Standards for a Master’s Degree in Public Relations: Educating for Complexity

From research conducted in 2011, this report provides recommendations for graduate-level public relations education that will benefit those going into academia and the practioner world. [read more]

December 2010
A First Look: Analysis of Global Public Relations Education

This report presents the findings of research conducted in 2010 on how public relations is being taught at the undergraduate and graduate levels in countries around the world. [read more]

December 2010
Philanthropy for Public Relations Education

This report presents the findings of research conducted in 2010, extending the original research of the Commission of Public Relations' 2006 study that produced a first ever "Sampling of Major Gifts to Public Relations Education." [read more]

November 2006
The Professional Bond

This report, like earlier reports of the Commission on Public Relations Education, presents recommendations for public relations undergraduate and graduate education. But beyond this traditional purpose, "The Professional Bond" report has also been developed to demonstrate, facilitate and encourage the kind of linking of public relations education and practice that is the hallmark of any profession. [read more]

October 1999
A Port of Entry

...The public relations education of the next century envisioned by the Commission, like public relations itself, is a matter of continuous professional growth and development. The Commission invites students and potential students, faculty and other academic leaders, certification and accreditation bodies and public relations practitioners to buy into and profit from the greatly improved "Port of Entry" education this report describes. [read more]