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About the Commission
The Commission on Public Relations Education is composed of public relations educators and practitioners who represent 15 professional societies in public relations and related fields of communications.


07/13/2015: Summary Report: Commission on Public Relations Education’s (CPRE) Industry-Educator Summit on Public Relations Education

06/11/2015: “Top Ten” Intriguing Findings from the Commission on Public Relations Education’s (CPRE) Public Relations Industry-Educator Summit

06/11/2015: AND THE SURVEY SAID: Post-CPRE Summit Survey Findings

11/21/2012: Commission on Public Relations Education Sets Standards for Public Relations Master’s Degree Education
Public relations graduate students and their future employers have a first-ever set of standards against which to measure the quality of college and university programs leading to a master’s degree.

Standards for a Master’s Degree in Public Relations: Educating for Complexity
From research conducted in 2011, this report provides recommendations for graduate-level public relations education that will benefit those going into academia and the practitioner world.

The Number of Public Relations Graduate Programs Increasing - But Inconsistent Curricula Create Confusion
Research Findings Presented at Annual Meeting of PRSA Foundation

Philanthropy for Public Relations Education Report
This report presents the findings of research conducted in 2010, extending the original research of the Commission of Public Relations’ 2006 study that produced a first ever “Sampling of Major Gifts to Public Relations Education.”

12/07/2010: Philanthropy for Public Relations Education Jumps But Remains in Its Infancy

Global Curriculum Research Project
This research, being managed for the Global Alliance for Public Relations and Communication Management and sponsored by the Public Relations Society of America Foundation, is being conducted by international education experts at the University of Maryland. It will identify many different approaches to teaching public relations at colleges and universities around the world. Objective: shared information to examine the possibility of identifying or developing international educational standards. Scheduled for completion in early 2010.

Financial Support for Public Relations Programs
A second round of Commission research on how these programs are being supported - and can be supported - financially is planned for completion late 2009.

Impact of the Commission’s “Professional Bond” report
The Commission is cooperating with a research study by Virginia Commonwealth University, “Evaluating PR Undergraduate and Graduate Curriculum Importance, Relevance, Proficiency and Priority.” The VCU study is based largely on knowledge and skills identified in the Commission’s 2006 study, “Professional Bond” report.

An “Entry-Level Credential”
The Commission is providing liaison for the Canadian Public Relations Society, units of the Public Relations Society of America and the Global Alliance for Public Relations and Communication Management -- all of which are working on various "credentialing" projects. The research is challenging, seminal and long-range. Cooperation between educators and practitioners will be essential.

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